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MRT Testing & LEAP Therapy 

LEAP protocol addresses and treats body-wide symptomatology linked to mediator release through personalized medical nutrition therapy. Individualized protocol is based on a client's results of the Mediator Release Test (MRT). When a patient's symptoms are appropriate for this protocol, it is shown that MRT testing followed by LEAP protocol greatly remediates symptoms and well-being in clinical trials, numerous studies, and individual client results expressing tremendous benefit. With the multifaceted nature of food sensitivities, the MRT test without LEAP therapy protocol is not offered, because careful and comprehensive medical nutrition therapy needs to be employed for successful outcomes. Currently, the MRT test is NOT covered by Medicare, HMO’s, or other insurance organizations, while the nutrition counseling involved in the protocol following the MRT test may be covered in part or in full by insurance. With physician referral, though, MRT can be verified for insurance coverage.


A 3- to 6-month LEAP protocol includes MRT, medical nutrition therapy/ nutrition counseling, and on-going maintenance program if necessary. At Reformed Nutrition, we strive and are committed to help you get better, and thus, throughout the LEAP program you have unlimited communication access to your registered dietitian. The initial consultation usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, involving assessment of nutritional status, health history, and screening to determine appropriateness for MRT and LEAP therapy. Please inquire about necessary information to be completed prior to your initial consultation.

The mediator release test (MRT) is a whole blood assay, end point test that it is able to identify sensitivity-inducing foods regardless of the mediators involved in the reaction, triggering mechanism, cells, or pathways involved with ANY non-IgE hypersensitivity reactions. The test quantifies overall mediator release in response to a comprehensive list of foods, spices, and chemicals/ additives. Non-IgE mediated hypersensitivity reactions cause pro-inflammatory and pro-algesic mediators to be released systemically throughout the body, often manifesting in multiple symptoms which can include muscle pain, joint pain, sinus issues, fatigue, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and other GI issues. 


Individuals who suffer from food sensitives often describe themselves as feeling “lousy” at best and “awful” at worst. MRT and the LEAP program have also greatly benefited individuals who have been diagnosed with conditions such as arthritis, chronic cough, sinusitis, insomnia, weight imbalances, true food allergy (IgE mediated reactions), GERD, autism, and ADD/ADHD. MRT and LEAP have also been used to help top division 1 athletes perform and compete at their best. 

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L.E.A.P: "Lifestyle Eating and Performance" is a comprehensive dietary protocol focused on getting to the root cause of ailments associated with food sensitivities and inflammation related to chronic illness.

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