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About Hunter

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Fat Loss

Food Sensitivities and Intolerance

Healthy Cooking, Meal Planning

Athletic Performance

General nutrition for all ages

Hunter's Story


Hunter is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and owner of Reformed Nutrition. He has a passion for nutrition as it relates to fat loss, food sensitivities, healthy cooking, strength training and overall well-being. Hunter earned a B.S. in Health Science - Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and then went on to study Dietetics, graduating from University of Connecticut’s Coordinated program in Dietetics. He is currently working towards becoming a Certified Lifestyle, Eating, and Performance Therapist, with a focus on food sensitivities.


Eating a variety of real, whole, unprocessed foods is a large portion of Hunter's nutrition philosophy. He believes that getting back to a diet rich in traditional fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and mindfully sourced animal products, is a key factor in reclaiming and optimizing health. Eliminating chemicals, pesticides, and processed foods can truly do wonders for one's overall well-being.

Hunter has worked with the Weston A. Price Foundation (Hartford, CT chapter) leading seminars and workshops. In his own life, Hunter has seen the huge impact that strength training, with proper nutrition, can have on performance and overall health. Whatever your goals may be, it is Hunter's passion to help you achieve those goals through specific and individualized nutrition counseling and coaching.

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